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The Premium Deck Bracket - Deckster(TM) - gets its superior reputation for more than its good looks. Its unique technical design is responsible for its excellent performance. The way the bracket is installed and the way the boards and joists are attached to it, results in a solid, durable, safe and beautiful deck. As well, Deckster is guaranteed for 25 years. Deckster ensures long-term savings in dollars, time and labor. Nothing can beat true hard facts: No other attachment system can offer the benefits of Deckster - the 'Premium bracket.' Here’s some mail from our customers !


"I feel rather flattered to have this privilege to comment on this very fine product. Constructing my deck with these deck fasteners was such an interesting and easy way to build my deck. I would never hesitate to use them again and would recommend for anyone "pro or amateur", give it a try, you'll love it, a super product." -A HOME OWNER & DO-IT-YOURSELFER - PEMBROKE, ONT


"Hello & Happy Spring - I have decided to increase the width of our deck by 3' and so need another 24 PCs. - I have about a dozen left to cut in half - Great system - in good shape after a harsh winter - putting an awning type roof over this month so when all is complete & looking good, I promise that photograph. Thank you." -DAWSON CITY, YUKON


"Just a quick note to accompany these photographs of my deck/hot tub/gazebo project.

As you had promised, the absence of nail heads in the deck floor adds significantly to the appearance of the deck. The lower part of the deck uses Trex lumber - a combination of recycled plastic & saw dust - while the upper level is covered with cedar. I used the Deckster system to secure both types of planking on both the deck & steps.

The information contained in your literature was entirely sufficient to allow me to install the decking without any professional help. Of particular interest was the suggestion to spray paint the brackets to eliminate any shiny spots between the boards.

The process of securing the decking from the underside took a bit longer than the conventional method but I found that the slower pace allowed me more time to be exact with cuts & alignment. I must thank you again for living up to your promise of quick shipment from Montreal to Copper Cliff - particularly when I realized I had short ordered & you had the shortfall to me in a couple of days.

Again, thanks for the help & service throughout my project - it has been a fun summer. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

I would highly recommend the Deckster Fastening System to anyone interested in doing a high quality job." -A HOME OWNER & DO-IT-YOURSELFER - COPPER CLIFF, ONT

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Dear Sirs,

I am writing to advise you of my satisfaction with your product.

This year I have completed three Philippine Mahogany decks and two Western Red Cedar. With using this high quality lumber I was able to sell my customers on the "Deckster" system. All my customers and myself included are extremely happy with the performance as well as the ease of installation of the "Deckster."

The finished product, with no screw or nail heads showing, give it a "hardwood floor" appearance. Another item I have noticed is that even after a hot, dry summer here in Calgary, all of the decks completed with the "Deckster" do not have one split or crack on the top surface. This is unbelievable for our climate. I, myself, have built over 50 sun decks and will never build another one without the "Deckster".

Thanks for a wonderful product.

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